PHAT BODIES 'ROKIT' M-chassis Pro - Tamiya M07 M05 M08 Xpress FM1S


Phat Bodies ROKIT exclusive design TCR and BTCC inspired bodyshell

Fits any 'Mini' M chassis with 225mm/210mm wheelbase will fit most/all of the Tamiya M0 range, and also 3Racing MG Evo and the new Xpress FM1S

(225 chassis pictured)

Made from super tough and high quality race weight 0.75mm 'Lexan' polycarcabonte

Bodyshell comes CLEAR, so will require cutting, trimming and painting to fit.
The bodyshell in the photo's has been painted to represent the finished item.

Bodyset includes -

Bodyshell and rear wing

Pre-cut vinyl window mask set

External overspray film

Front and rear lights and grill/vent sticker set

Phat Bodies stickers